Super FOOD

Hemp has unparalleled nutritional qualities. Packed with protein, essential fatty acids (omega 3 & 6) and minerals, it is gluten-free and very easy to integrate into one’s diet. In addition, it grows very well everywhere and it is often organically grown. It is excellent for one’s health, for the environment and for the local economy.


Hemp is consumed in the form of whole or hulled seeds, protein powders, oil, milk, flour, soft bars and other processed products.  

  • Hulled seeds, also known as “hemp hearts” or “hulled hemp”, is the most popular and easy to find product. Their delicate taste allows them to be added to any dish, salty or sweet, to add their nutritional benefits.     
  • Hemp oil has a subtle nutty taste and a beautiful green color. To preserve its valuable properties, it is reserved for cold preparations (vinaigrettes, addition at the end of cooking).  
  • Flour and powdered proteins are a high quality concentration of nutrients that are easily assimilated by the body. They can be added to cakes, breads, smoothies, etc.    
  • “Hemp milk” is a nutritious and tasty drink. It can be consumed plain or flavoured and makes an excellent base for smoothies. It is found on the same shelf as other plant-based milks, but can also easily be made at home in 2 minutes with a blender.     
  • There are also other hemp-based beverages, like beer, tea and even kombucha.     
  • Thanks to the renewed interest in this plant, other products are emerging: cereal bars, granola, hemp butter, etc.


  • Hemp is THE vegetable source that contains the most essential fatty acids. Better still, it provides these omega 3s and 6s in the ideal ratio for our body (1: 3). These essential fatty acids cannot be made by our body and must therefore be provided by the diet. They participate in many chemical reactions in the body and are essential for the proper functioning of several systems (immune, reproductive, cardiovascular, hepatic, etc.). They also help eliminate cholesterol plaque.    
  • With 30% of high quality protein, hulled hemp seeds are an ideal source of protein for people who do not consume little or no animal protein (and therefore makes a great meat replacement option). Three tablespoons (30 g) provide 10 g of protein, it’s 2 times more than tofu! Bonus: Hemp protein is easily assimilated and contains the 9 essential amino acids that our body cannot produce.      
  • Hemp seeds are also a very good source of vitamins E and B, minerals (manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc.) and fibre.


Hemp products are easily integrated into the daily diet. The hulled seeds can simply be sprinkled on salads, soups, yogurts, etc. or incorporated into smoothies or energy balls.

Hemp milk is perfect with morning cereals or in recipes that require milk. Hemp oil can be used instead of or in combination with other oils in vinaigrettes or added at the end of cooking to enhance the nutritional value of the dish.


Here is the recipe of the bread we love to make ! 

Super easy & delicious. No kneading, no mess, 5 minute prep. Just need a cast iron (or clay) pot with a lid. The video below gives a quick overview and the details come in this page
Our own tips :
– We multiply the quantities by 1,5 for a bigger loaf. Same cooking time or a bit more. 
– We like replacing 1/3 of the all purpose flour by hemp / rye / buckwheat flour, and adding all kinds of nuts. As these flours are heavier, we put 2 x the yeast.
– We usually let it rest 8 to 10 h, sometimes less and it works perfect.
– We do all the processing with a spatula till the end: no sticky hands 😉
– We use a cloth instead of plastic wrap.
– We often cook it in the oven of our wood cookstove at much lower temperatures than 450°F. It works too with longer cooking time.
It is a very adaptable recipe in all ways. Make it your own and enjoy !