Various products made out of hemp are now available for dogs, cats, horses, cattle and poultry. They improve the quality of life of animals while promoting an ecological and local resource. Everybody wins!



Fish and birds adore hemp seeds. They probably knew before us that it is a superfood! Hemp has the same benefits for animals as it does for humans, including high levels of high quality vegetable protein and essential fatty acids.  Hemp can be integrated into the feed of pets as well as farm animals in various forms, including:

• Dry food and biscuits for dogs and cats

• Oil cake (what remains of pressed seeds after oil extraction) for livestock

• Hemp oil as a dietary supplement for healthy skin and coatThe use of hemp in farmed animal feeds is subject to legislation that is different depending on the country, but this is an avenue of promising development.


Once chipped, the inside of the hemp stems makes an excellent litter for horses, chickens and small domestic animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.). Among its advantages:

• High absorbency (4 times its weight) which limits the frequency of renewals • Odor retention

• Relieves very little dust compared to other litters

• Insulating

• Comfortable

• Healthy

• Easy to handle

• Biodegradable


If hemp oil is excellent for our skin and hair, it can also benefit the coat of our animals. Incorporated in shampoos, it is particularly appreciated to:

• Nourish the skin and preserve its hydration

• Polish the coat

• Avoid itching

• Be plant-based, from quickly renewable resource, grown in an ecological way



Cannabidiol is a non-psychotropic molecule contained in hemp that is credited with several therapeutic effects, from the treatment of anxiety to that of epilepsy, cancer, inflammation and more.  Scientific studies have already proven some benefits of CBD on animals and humans, and many more are coming.

In the meantime, and even though the product is not yet legal everywhere, many pet owners use CBD oil to improve the quality of life of their companions.