Body Care

In terms of natural body care, the saying goes: “Do not put on your skin what you would not put in your mouth”. Given the great nutritional properties of hemp, we are not worried about putting it on our skin, quite the opposite!



Hemp-based care products are derived from the precious oil extracted from the seeds. It combines many properties that are very popular in cosmetics.

  • Hemp oil is very rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3s and 6s) and provides them in the ideal ratio for our body. These fatty acids counteract the effects of free radicals responsible for aging skin.

  •  It is rich in vitamins E and B.

  • It helps the skin stay hydrated while conventional products often make it drier.

  • It is also excellent for nourishing the hair and scalp.

  • It is plant-based and renewable, unlike conventional products from the petrochemical industry. It is also a great and local alternative to palm oil.
  • It is healthy, non-GMO and grown without pesticides or herbicides.
  • It ideally comes from local production and is manufactured by a brand specializing in natural care products.


  • Soaps
  • Creams
  • Balms
  • Shampoos
  • Massage oils
  • Etc.