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We are hemp ambassadors, dedicated to promoting its uses, benefits and, products. We want to restore hemp’s former glory, and see it flourish everywhere! From pantries to wardrobes, and pharmacies to building materials.

Why? Because we see in this amazing plant a way to reconcile the irreconcilable: to offer a global ecological solution to many environmental problems, while being a unique opportunity for our local economies. Hemp is the plant of the future that we need right now!

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For 20 years, we have been personally and professionally committed to a healthy and ecological way of life. As actors of change, we not only see the problems but we also want to propose solutions and help implement them.

Ten years ago, we were pioneers in the development of an emerging and little-known domain: urban agriculture. Through our actions and promotional efforts, we have been among the leaders that helped make it a mainstream trend. Today, it is a widespread practice with social, environmental and economic benefits.


We now have the same goal for hemp: to help promote and develop the industry until it becomes mainstream and provides its benefits to the greatest number of people. By combining actions and media, we are establishing synergies that will be beneficial to its different products and applications. Based in Quebec, we are active in Canada and abroad to spread the message about hemp to a wider audience.


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