HEMP IS THE most versatile and useful plant on Earth!

Let’s rediscover it together. 

10 reasons to LOVE industrial HEMP

It is an ecological and local solution to many current problems. All parts of this simple plant can be utilized to create thousands of useful products. 


Essential for humanity for 10,000 years, hemp has long since proven its usefulness. Unjustly banned for 60 years, hemp has now regained its former nobility for its many benefits.


Requiring no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides to grow, hemp is the ecological crop par excellence. It is beneficial for soils and is an ideal addition in rotations, while being a profitable production for farmers.

Super food

Hemp has unparalleled nutritional qualities. Packed with proteins and omega 3, it is one of the most complete plants. Hemp is consumed in the form of dehulled seeds, milk, oil, soft bars … that are all easy to eat and delicious!


CBD (Cannabidiol) is a hemp molecule devoid of the THC psychotropic effects. It has already proven effective in treating several major conditions.


Forget the “jute bag” look: hemp is made from hemp and Is used to create refined fabrics and very modern clothes. Hemp is much more environmentally friendly than cotton and hemp clothes are also more durable and comfortable.


Plastics made from hemp are of vegetable origin and are not made from petrochemicals; they are also lighter. Depending on their composition, they are recyclable or compostable at the end of their usable life. We really need such an alternative!


Hemp grows in 4 months and contains 25% more cellulose than wood. It also requires a lot less chemical treatments and produces high quality paper and cardboard.

Body care

Hemp oil is a champion for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Incorporated into natural care products, it helps take care of our body and our hair.


Hemp is used for concrete, insulation, finish coatings: from floor to ceiling, you can build or renovate with healthy, sustainable and renewable products. It Is used by specialized professionals and self-builders alike.

Green Energies

Hemp produces a large amount of biomass that could be converted into clean and economical fuels. It is an excellent alternative to non-renewable fossil fuels.







We are the ambassadors of hemp, dedicated to promoting its uses, its benefits, and its products. We want to give it back its nobility and see it everywhere! From pantries to wardrobes, from pharmacies to building materials.


Because we see in this unique plant a way to combine two aspects which are often seen as incompatible: a comprehensive ecological solution to many of today’s environmental problems AND a unique opportunity for our local economies. The plant of the future that we need now!


To spread hemp among the greatest number, we combine various means of action, on the internet and in the field. We travel across Canada on our bus to meet the public, the media and industry players. A unique and original approach that we relay also on social networks.



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